At Lur Candle Company we are excited to work with our wholesale partners. 

Whether you're a small independent gift shop opening your first store or a brand with several units, we'd be delighted to chat with you about your home fragrance requirements. 

We are a new and emerging company based in Scotland. We talk to our customers and are delighted with the feedback we have achieved on our products, across the UK and beyond. 

Our Products 

With a wide range of fragrances, contemporary branding and creative display units, we are confident you will find our products sell super quick. This not only leads to a healthy profit for our stockists but also some very happy customers.  


We pride ourselves on our aftercare service whether that be a problem you've had with your delivery or a problem your customer might have faced with the product. We always aim to leave every customer satisfied whilst creating as little hassle for our stockists as possible. Direct your customers to us and we will ensure they leave feeling happy, taking any hassle way from you.  

If you own a business and would like to get involved with Lur Candle Company please email info@lurcandlecompany.co.uk